George Liu

●Graduated from Chongqing University of Mechanical Engineering in 1999.

●Over 20 years of industrial enterprise management work experience.

●Has served as the world's 500 home appliance enterprise product engineer, quality manager, engineering manager, manufacturing manager, engineering minister, quality minister and assistant to general manager.

●Familiar with new product development, product manufacturing, quality management, system management, new base construction, etc.

●Familiar with large home appliance corporate craftsmanship, quality assurance system, familiar with large home appliance enterprises production organization process, rich in management of local and overseas employees, rich in factory management practices.

●After years of factory management practices, a good grassroots management work style: active progress, serious and meticulous, responsible, continuous improvement.

●Familiar with the export process of mechanical and electrical products, familiar with the operation of foreign trade industry.

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