Mr. Yu

●Graduated from the Industrial Automation of Central South University of Technology in 1995;

●Over 25 years of work experience, successively engage in engineering technology, production, quality management, sales management. Six-Sigma registered black belt, registration quality engineer.

●Very familiar with electrical, electronic components, process status, and manufacturing process quality possible defects, have the ability to test and analyze the test results, have rich testing experience, and can establish special test methods and methods according to special requirements. And can promote test effectiveness and product reliability from standards and process systems, while improving product technology and manufacturing capacity in counseling suppliers have unique.

●Good at quality analysis and improvement in market or on-site quality information organization, and proficient in 6-Sigma, DOE, QFD, FMEA, QEP and SPC can be promoted, guiding others to conduct quality improvement work. 《Reducing the key material of the electrical class 》project in the 2009 National 6Sigma Project Racing won National Excellence Award; 《Decreased Electrical Switch Components 》2010 Years National 6-Sigma Project Racing Won the National Excellence Award.

●Good at project plan, resource overall, good at communication, coordination and cooperative relationship with the company within the company; team formation; with active changes, calm and serious, responsible work style.

●In 2013, 《Reduce the unqualified rate of heat exchanger welding》QC project is improved, and the commercial air conditioning leakage rate is reduced by 81%, and it is about 18% for the production of human resources. The comprehensive efficiency is increased by 29%, and the annual amount of more than 28.9 million RMB, and won the 2nd prize

●Establish a supplier's audit and test system, and promote the supplier management model by the original traditional rough management into QSA + QPA refinement management

●The team spirit, the relationship is harmonious, and there is a work style that is active, calm and serious, and the sense of responsibility is willing to accept the challenging work.

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