Mr. Wu

●Graduated from the Shenyang Institute of Mechanical Institute of Technology in 1995.

●Over 25 years of management work experience in industrial enterprises.

●The world's top 500 home appliances enterprises product technology engineers, workshop management, factory management and other posts.

●Familiar with new product development, product manufacturing;

●Have rich experience in new plant planning and construction

●Familiar with large home appliance corporate technology, quality assurance system, familiar with large home appliance enterprises production organization process, rich in management of local and overseas employees, rich in factory management practices.

●After years of factory management practices, formed a good working style: active progress, serious and meticulous, responsible, continuous improvement.

●By cooperating with different levels of leading cadres, we have developed a good listening, thinking, implementation habits, with good communication, coordination, organization, and strain ability.

●Have wealth of work experience in the production and operation management system of the factory, full management of workshops, production organization, lean production, efficiency, manufacturing cost control.

●Familiar with lean production and improvement techniques and tools can be deeply entered into the first line, actively participate in promoting improvement activities and project management.

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