Mr. Wang

●Graduated from the University of Inner Mongolia Institute of electronics in 1991

●In 2008, obtained Master of MBA Business Administration from Nanjing University.

●Over 30 years working experience, has engaged in engineering, production, quality management, sales management, listed company Vice President and other positions.

●Strong leadership, perfect system strategic thinking and international vision.

●Deep understanding of the management and operation of manufacturing enterprises.

●Familiar with financial knowledge and financial analysis of manufacturing companies.

●Familiar with factory management, engineering management, research and development management and quality management of manufacturing companies.

●Familiar with home air conditioning products planning - R & D - Technology - Equipment - Production - Sales Full Process Management.

●Familiar with household air conditioning technology - quality assurance - after-sales service and other full process management.

●Familiar with household air conditioning materials supply chain system, external purchase quality assurance system.

●Familiar with household air conditioning, electronic workshop production technology and department production process.

●Familiar with household air-conditioning technological reform investment processes, focus on new product development, production and expansion, quality improvement, etc.

●Proficient in lean production, good at construction of factory lean production systems.

●6-Sigma black belt.

●Toshiba Lean Production Training School first batch of students.

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